Heath Effects from Industrial Wind: Australian Testimony (Part I: Robert McMurtry)


“I have no kind words for people who attempt to trivialise what my family and I have tolerated since a large wind farm started operating near us. We don’t see them from our home (trees), and we rarely hear them but the infrasonic emissions incite a repeating, subtle noise and vibration in our home. Used to live across from a truck yard and it did not bother me, but I cannot ignore ringing ears, severe dizziness, pressure in head, difficulty concentrating and hypertension…. We need protection just the same as any person deserves.”

Wind victim, Mike Jankowski, in response to an article summarizing the Senate Hearings in Australia.

Considerable evidence of negative effects to health was recorded during the Australian Senate’s call for testimonies and evidence to its Select Committee on Wind Turbines which has accumulated 471 submissions from individuals and organizations around the world, many with lengthy additions, and attachments. The Senate Hearings on Wind Turbines are in response to the turmoil and controversy around the guidance of policies and agencies, various legal responsibilities, or failures of these to be fair and judicious.

The hearing was intended to examine the price of household power, the effectiveness of the Clean Energy Regulator in assuming its legal responsibilities, and the adequacy of the (Australian) National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in providing guidance to state and territory authorities.

While much of the evidence heard at the Hearings was about health problems, infrasound (and ILFN) non-regulation, and new research into what we do know about the very unique sound and pressure signatures created by industrial wind turbines, Australian Wind Alliance national co-ordinator Andrew Bray testified that evidence was clear that some, many, people living near wind facilities experience NO health problems. The following testimony begs to differ, as will Dr. Laurie’s in tomorrow’s post. (The complete list of submissions can be read here.)

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