Lord Monckton: On climate change, this pope is making the same mistake as Galileo’s persecutors


Lord Monckton was in Toronto as one of the man-made global warming skeptics (like Alex Epstein and Patrick Moore) attending IdeaCity 2015.

While this year he was present as an audience member and not an official speaker, Lord Monckton asked for five minutes to make the economic case against wind farms.

We also talked about the pope’s troubling remarks about the environment and progress.

Lord Monckton made the brilliant observation that Pope Francis’ hubris and anthropocentric perspective put him in the same camp as the Church authorities who silenced Galileo.

Lastly, Lord Monckton mentioned a recent article he coauthored for Science Bulletin, which has become the most-read in the journal’s history.

In it, he explains why global warming computer models “run hot,” making their data unreliable.

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