Windfarm protesters warn turbines could be shut down over noise

Protesters in the north are warning windfarm operators that some schemes could be shut down for breaching noise limits.

Highland activists are preparing to follow the lead of counterparts in England and Ireland who have collated extensive data they say proves planning conditions have been flouted at a number of windfarms.

Campaigners in the north believe similar gauging of the industry in Scotland could open the floodgates for legal action against offending operators.

Sound estimates are usually carried out by developers as part of the groundwork for planning applications to give an indication of anticipated noise levels.

But there is currently no obligation to carry out monitoring once a scheme is built – at which stage councils merely respond to individual complaints about noise.

Residents living near a turbines development in Cambridgeshire have compiled what is thought to be the most comprehensive sound history of any UK windfarm.

Monitoring has taken place over two-and-a-half years, using industry-standard recording equipment to reveal what they claim have been regular breaches at the Cottonfarm scheme at Graveley.

Highland campaigners have seen the equipment operate and now plan to install similar devices in the north.

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