Hautes-Alpes: a collective puts a spoke in the blades of the wind project of Haute-Beaume


Hautes-Alpes – A wind project has angered four permanent residents of the smallest village in the Hautes-Alpes. A project supported since 2008 by the Canadian company Boralex. She wants to install by 2017, from 6 to 10 wind turbines on the Montagne d’Aureille, also located in the municipality of Montbrand. The collective Upper Buëch Nature denounces the lack of consultation, launched in 2013.

It also regrets the inconvenience of village life, with wind turbines to 1,000 / 1,300 meters from the nearest house. “It has a strong impact on health. All medical reports converge on the fact that it is very harmful to human health, especially with the phenomenon of infrasound and that even several kilometers from the wind, “said Alpes 1 on its president, Jean-Philippe Salley. “It destroyed our local economy. We must not believe that installing wind turbines, we will bring in tourists. This is a very strong environmental destruction. Each turbine is 1,500 tons of concrete and steel. “In a statement Wednesday, the collective Upper Buëch Nature also denounces the use made of the secondary road leading to the Montagne d’Aureille. According to him, this axis banned in over 7.5 tonnes, will host for the site convoys of 130 tonnes and 7 meters long. “Also, this is an aberrant economic model. This will create zero operating manual. They are manufactured abroad and maintained remotely. ”

The group calls for a moratorium on the project. For its part, the company emphasizes that its project meets the Regional Plan Éolien voted in 2012. The public inquiry should be launched in 2016.

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