North American Platform Against Wind Power

The North American Platform Against Wind Power today announced its profound objection to the Ontario Provincial approval of the Amherst Island wind turbine project of 26 turbines (Windlectric/Algonquin Power), that since its conception, has long garnered international interest and concern. Amherst, well known for its abundance of migratory bird and bat life, is also a Canadian recognized historic centre, a centre for bird tourism, and boasts a windswept coastline with more shoreline than all of the 1,000 Islands combined. Of international note: Amherst Island is an Important Bird Area of Global Significance on the Atlantic Migratory Flyway, and is home to 34 species at risk, including the Blanding’s Turtle. Wintering hawks and owls attract global visitors.

The Island incudes 400 hectares of Provincially Significant |Coastal Wetlands. “To place an industrial wind factory here,” says Sherri Lange of NA-PAW, “is nothing short of astonishing, and an affront to the Canadian way of viewing and preserving natural treasures. Although NA-PAW objects to all industrial wind facilities that do nothing to provide clean or “green” sources of energy, there is something deeply delusional to think that the public will not completely revolt over yet another disaster nearby like Wolfe Island.” (The Amherst Island turbines will be 100 feet taller than those at Wolfe Island.)

MPP Randy Hillier stated in an interview with Kingston Station 14, that the project has been ferociously opposed by the community from the “get go.” “These now 26 wind turbines will directly benefit a few individual property owners who will receive a significant and handsome, but ill-gotten gain, from these wind turbines, and all their neighbors will pay the price.”

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