The Listening Room Experience

Are wind farms really noisy? What does a wind farm sound like?

The primary aim of the exercise is to broaden understanding of wind farm noise. Whilst the issues surrounding wind farm noise are greatly discussed and debated, it has been experienced by relatively few in the profession or by those responsible for influencing the decision of whether nearby residents will experience this noise and if so to what extent.

The listening room experience aims to replicate listening to wind farm noise, particularly AM (Amplitude Modulation), in a home situation. Clips of wind farm noise are taken from MAS Environmental’s own measurements in the field and within dwellings where complaints of wind farm noise have been made.

MAS feel that there is a specific need to hear and experience wind farm noise and amplitude modulation not necessarily because of the decibel level of the noise, but largely due to the character of the noise – the changing frequency content and its context within what is usually a very quiet rural environment.

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