Turbine Update Swan Song

My intent when I began writing these emails was to try to spread knowledge by providing more current information than what has been provided to us by Main Stream Media. There had been a gap when Bluewater Against Turbines information began fading and I was concerned that people would not be kept abreast of what was current. Rachel Thompson, a wind warrior from the Kincardine area, encouraged me to just start sending out information to whomever I could, so I did.

Over time, I have received helpful feedback from some of the people who receive Turbine Updates. Suggestions for keeping people interested, some expressing appreciation for the efforts, connections with others experiencing this invasion over the world, research and the like have all contributed to the evolution of content.

I have been told that the information is often forwarded on however I really have no idea how many people read the materials, follows the links or just hit the delete button.

What I do know is that as time marches on and we continue the number of turbines increases around our home, I am ‘feeling’ them more and more. I no longer care whether or not some people think I am in dire need of a tin foil hat.
What I know is that anyone who believes that I do, has not bothered following the links I have sent out regarding the damage infrasound can do to a person.

I continue (and will need to for a while yet) to work full time while my energy, concentration and memory levels level decline, along with a number of other symptoms I had not experienced prior to Nextera’s Varna Project in Buewater beginning last summer, with the nearest turbines being about 4 km from our home. Then came the operation of their Goshen Project, about 3 km away and I have experienced new symptoms along with an exacerbation of existing symptoms. They have yet to erect Northland Powers Grand Bend Wind Project’s forty 3 MW IWT’s that will be closest to our home and operational by March 2016 which Gordon Potts would have us believe are ‘quieter’.

I expect Gordon hasn’t heard Sven Johannsen, an expert in infrasonic and environmental measurement has said: “That what we see in the measurements is in fact the opposite of what is claimed by the wind turbine manufacturers namely that the wind turbines are becoming more and more quiet i.e. in the infrasound range, in the deepest oscillation areas, the exact opposite is true.”

Let me preface this next part by saying I am fully aware of my hyper-vigilance given the amount of research I have done on the health impacts of IWT’s for the ERT’s , a necessary evil which I will always fondly remember as standing for as the ’Express Route for Turbines’. As such, I am more than aware that most of these ‘feelings’ could be attributed to a number of other existing causes. Others I have never experienced in my entire life and they range from interesting and intermittent right onto through to increasingly pronounced and painful.

Optimum health and developing strategies to manage psychological and physiological stressors has been my focus for a number of years. I am known for my ‘isms’ so at the risk of sounding redundant, ‘just when you think you have got it, you get another chance to learn it’. So once again, time to ‘walk the walk’.

The work I am doing in changing what I think is one method of redirecting my anger (so as not to create or exacerbate a host of other health concerns).
Preparing updates has been one of the therapeutic strategies in that it has allowed me a ‘soapbox’ on which to stand and ‘let the lid off the pot’ and this is just one of the things in life I am grateful for.

Konrad Saum’s journey shown in this video Sick from Infrasound: Fight against Turbines:

advises he “feels like a victim of the human fellows’ greed. The fact that the neighbour becomes a millionaire and you have to move is just perverse. You just can’t put it into words”. This is, in my mind, the very definition of injustice.

This man in not upset because his neighbour is a millionaire. He is upset because it is at his expense. I get that. Resolving my anger towards my neighbours is a journey unto itself and one I encourage everyone to try and accomplish. The benefits are immeasurable and range from more positive health outcomes to undermining one of the industries purposeful strategies of ‘divided they fall’.

The change in my perspective occurred after I fully understood how and why that the neighbour had also been hoodwinked by a collaboration between industry and government on a global scale. That I made the right choice in letting go of some of my anger or at least, re-directing it into more positive avenues was confirmed yet again when I learned how Big Wind, using legal yet immoral financial strategies, effectively took control over what can happen on the properties they had leases on. For a clear breakdown on the specifics: http://www.windconcernsontario.ca/farm-owner-liabilities-with-wind-turbine-leases/

So many people have had their lives turned upside down while their pocket books are ravaged by the incompetent FAIL of a feeble attempt of government trying to site one industry on top of another. I am personally experiencing how much energy levels change as this journey continues. I stand in awe of so many and with compassion especially for those forced out of their homes years before I had a clue what was going on in my own Province, let alone the entire world – and yet who’s faces continue to appear at various meetings, protests, etc. There are just too many faces of courage in this war to be able to name them all. Walking along side of their journeys while I am able is one of the rare beautiful opportunities this nightmare has afforded me.

While communities try and settle into their new realities, there will changes in the voices objecting to IWT’s. New ones will emerge and familiar ones will eventually die. Relationships change as those not ‘feeling’ them go on about their daily lives, (so long as they are capable of paying ridiculously unnecessary high electricity rates) their own characters tested by their responses to the phenomena, whether they wish it to be or not.

Energies ebb and flow and still gather momentum. I expect the shoreline residents will be more vocal soon. http://www.ideacityonline.com/video/lord-christopher-moncton-quickie/ I’d watch all 12 min. 37 sec. if I were you but if not inclined….20 seconds from the end you will hear Moses Znairmer at his IdeaCity Conference 2015 share that seventy-seven 6 MW offshore turbines are going into the North shore of Lake Erie. We can add those voices to the new communities who are going to be in the sights of the pigs scrambling to get to be first to the trough with the Province’s latest RFP’s for large renewable energy projects. Not to forget the infilling that companies are applying for… get prepared for the ask of an additional 290 IWT’s south of Grand Bend. It’s not rocket science and it’s not going away. The more turbines you put near people, the more people will be harmed. Infrasound travels miles.

Solutions? Well, a few of the more obvious ones that appeal to me would include:

Elect a government in that will cut the ridiculously expensive subsidies and poof! Wind companies disappear. (Well, not always; sometimes they morph into solar companies knowing that most haven’t done their homework there either.)

Scrap draconian legislation such as the Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 in Ontario that was written by renewable energy lobbyists and designed to removed planning rights from the persons most impacted by it. Write letters and put pressure on those in positions of power.

Put a moratorium on all wind energy and asses the damages. Work on a plan to mitigate those already harmed.

If you have a local community group organizing, get involved. If you are in an existing group, influence them. Your voice does matter.

Focus on adapting to our ever changing environment while reducing our ‘footprint’ on our environment rather than developing policies in an attempting to control climate based on one hypothesis. Please note I did NOT say, ‘carbon footprint’ which people seem to think is one word these days. “Simply put, the danger is not climate change — which will always be with us. The danger is energy restrictions imposed in the name of controlling Earth’s perpetually fickle climate”.http://www.cfact.org/2015/06/25/twin-peaks-twin-lies/#sthash.XMUTDrJi.dpuf

Engaging in social media such as Twitter and Facebook and sharing information from and with the multitudes of grassroots groups and growing numbers of impacted individuals has been helpful in expanding my own knowledge base. Share Information with Friends. Remember that trying to remain respectful to the powers that be in these venues is yet another excellent opportunity to exercise anger management techniques.

Keeping abreast of local politics and attending local municipal meetings when possible, such as the Committee of the Whole at the Varna Complex in Bluewater on Monday July 6th, at 7 p.m. where Bev Teeter’s letter showing the shoddy treatment by Nextera’s is on the agenda…..http://ontario-wind-resistance.org/2015/06/14/nexterror-strikes-again-wind-company-threatens-elderly-leaseholders/ (hoping to see some of you there?)

There are a lot of ideas (which are getting more challenging to remember) yet to explore and with minimal time and energy to do so. Personally, I’d like to see data collected on all those homes that people leave and/or sell as a result of living near IWT’s but I haven’t figured out a respectful way to accomplish that yet. Knocking on area people’s doors to ask them directly whenever I see another For Sale sign and inquiring how long it took before symptoms showed, how many in the family were impacted seems rather crass? Or Less intrusively, having user friendly websites for every Municipality, County, Province, State, Country, collecting that data where people could enter information confidentiality is another idea. Having therapeutic support groups for those impacted by them on any level could help. Or working on best practice guidelines for helping professions whom have no idea what to say to people who come to them for help. Or writing a book, and the list goes on.

I have always said we only do what we can. Understanding that the only thing we have within our control is our reaction to the world. Much easier said than done and I work at seeing this within the context of an opportunity, at least while I am on ‘this side of the grass’. At this point in my journey, I have spread myself pretty thin and I recognize the need for setting some limits. It is with deepest appreciation that I say thank you so much for allowing me to walk along side of you all with my emails. I hope it has been as helpful to you as it has been to me.

So for the time being at least, I am focusing my energies elsewhere. I wish everyone the best in whichever way you choose to deal with the proliferation of Industrial Wind Turbines. If you think I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to help.


p.s. Remember, It isn’t about the happy ending. It is about the story.

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