Wind Industry in Fresh Panic: Germans Deliver ‘Smoking Gun’ Infrasound Research

To say that the wind industry is having a ‘tough’ time of late, is to downplay what is odds-on to be the biggest and fastest implosion, since the Hindenburg took less than a fiery minute to burn its way into the pages of tragic history.

In Australia, the wind industry has been belted with evidence from highly (and relevantly) qualified noise and health experts – like Dr Bruce Rapley and Dr Malcolm Swinbanks – laid out before the Senate Inquiry into the great wind power fraud.

The ‘battle’ by the wind industry’s propaganda parrots to hold the line on the noise, sleep and health front has been reduced to high farce; with the ‘best’ of its number sounding more desperate and silly by the day.

The latest is a derisory attempt – by near-bankrupt wind power outfit, Infigen’s head PR parrot (the infantile nonsense, available here) – to characterise its victims as ‘nincompoops’, who harbour utterly irrational fears about these things, which would all disappear with a little ‘community engagement’ – probably of the kind Infigen metes out, with malicious glee, to its contracted farmers:

Unwilling Turbine Hosts Tell Senate: Australia’s Most Notorious Wind Power Outfit – Infigen – a Team of Bullies, Liars & Thugs

What’s getting to them, is the fact that – despite efforts to cover up both the work and the results – highly skilled people are working flat out around the world to discover the precise mechanism that causes the adverse health effects from incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound, including sleep deprivation.

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