Climate Change: Natural or Manmade?

About the Author
Joe Fone has researched in depth contemporary tenets in the field of climatology in a freelance capacity over several years, alongside his role as an electronics technician and CAD designer for the solar inverter market. Prior to the present work, his analytical articles have appeared in the New Zealand journals ‘The Press’, ‘Dominion Post’ and ‘Investigate’. He lives in Christchurch.

Manmade global warming is the sacred cow of contemporary climate science, and the most vehement scientific controversy of modern times.

Does human activity really cause global warming?

climate changeJoe Fone expertly guides us through the maze of climate claim and counter-claim to reveal the uncomfortable truths about climate change some would prefer us to ignore.

Jargon-free, thought provoking and subversive, this book is a timely reminder that things are not always as scientists, politicians and those with hidden agendas may claim.

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