Odious approval of Amherst Island wind project


“What is most remarkable about the approval of the Amherst wind scam, is the cynicism it reflects. The Ontario government obviously doesn’t mind about the slaughter of protected eagles, ospreys and other species that is occurring year after year on Wolfe Island: it is willing to repeat the same mistake on Amherst.”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the government of Ontario,

One of our Ontario members, the Association to Protect Amherst Island, has advised us of the approval of a wind project that will cause a 25-year running massacre of “protected” wildlife. Amherst Island, as you know, is an internationally important migration stopover point for Monarch butterflies and many threatened bird and bat species. It is also a famous wintering area for 11 species of owls, all of which are protected by law, and all of which are particularly in danger where wind turbines happen to be erected.

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