Senate report says further investigation into the health effects of wind energy is needed

As part of a deal struck to pass the Renewable Energy Target, the Government has promised to create a new position to oversee wind farm developments.

Four crossbenchers agreed to allow native wood waste burning to count as a renewable source if the Government appointed a Wind Farm Commissioner to address concerns over the health effects of wind turbines.

The Greens Climate Change spokesperson Larissa Waters says it’s unnecessary.

But an interim report of the Senate Select Committee into Wind Turbines released this week says there needs to be more investigation into the health effects of wind energy creation.

The report also suggests a wind farm ombudsman complaints process should be introduced.

Joining RN Breakfast to discuss the proposals is Miles George, Chair of the Clean Energy Council, and Managing Director of Infigin Energy – a renewable energy company with interests in 24 wind farms across Australia and the US.

Also joining James Carleton is Tony Hodgson, Chairman of Friends of Collector – a lobby group established to campaign a proposed wind farm near his property.


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