Lawrence Solomon: Fantasies about global warming and other delusions will fare poorly in 2015

(January 9, 2014) 2015 will see more ethnic groups within today’s cobbled-together countries successfully assert their autonomy, with the greatest changes occurring in the Middle East.

This article, by Lawrence Solomon, first appeared in the National Post

My prediction: Big things based on lies, delusions and naiveté will fare poorly in 2015, continuing a trend of recent years that’s harrowing for the big-thing believers but welcome for most.

The global warming enterprise provides one example. Since 2008, I have been predicting that the warmists, whose cause at root is based on faith and sustained by deceit, will fail to make the case that carbon represents a danger to the planet. Although the elites have mostly bought the deceits — all ultimately resting on jigged computer models — the masses mostly have not, as seen in public opinion polls throughout the world. The public’s rejection of the global warming orthodoxy then led politicians to slash subsidies to renewables and to scrap plans for carbon taxes. Political parties that high-handedly ignored the public by pushing global warming measures, such as Canada’s Liberal Party in 2008 and Australia’s Labour government in 2013, went down to crushing defeats.

In 2015, I predict, the cause of global warming will continue to lose ground, even if, as expected, Pope Francis outs himself as a convert to the Church of Global Warming. Temperatures will again fail to behave as projected by the computer models, the public will again yawn at the faithful’s threats of the coming apocalypse and politicians will again pay lip service to global warming while kissing renewables subsidies goodbye.



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